Standard RDLC Reporting
in Microsoft® Dynamics 365 Business Central
and Microsoft® Dynamics NAV
has become easy

Standard RDLC

100% standard RDLC

No other technology is used but the one that is used by Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central itself: Standard RDLC.

Runtime Licenses

Keine Laufzeitlizenzen erforderlich

No additional costs for runtime licenses.

Only Microsoft Dynamics NAV standard components are required to run reports.


Keine Abhängigkeit zu anderen Produkten oder Servern

No dependencies are added to your customer's solution.

No third-party products or licenses are required to run, view or edit reports that have been created or styled with Qucamba Reports.

Great News! Qucamba Reports 6.0 is available now!

Quamba Reports 6.0 has just been released. Besides support for the most current Business Central version (18.2), we added some exciting new features like the Translation Manager that lets you investigate, create, edit, copy and merge translations for your solutions.

Additionally, there are some enhancements on the licensing model. The free evaluation preview of the Live Data Preview has now expired. With Qucamba Reports 6.0, Live Data preview is available in valued licenses only. However, we offer an affordable way for users of the free PREVIEW to add Live Data preview to their existing license.

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Create and style Dynamics NAV reports
faster than ever before

Create Reports

Saves you up to 90% of the time needed to create new reports.

Qucamba Reports CREATOR allows you to build new standard Dynamics NAV RDLC reports within minutes.
Various wizards guide you through the process of creating simple and multiple grouped complex reports as well as documents and labels.

Furthermore, all reports created are free of any dependencies or runtime licenses and they only use the one technology that is recommended by Microsoft: RDLC.

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Style Reports

Saves you up to 95% of the time needed to customize dozens of reports.

Qucamba Reports STYLER styles one or many reports in one go.
Have you ever had to change the style of dozens of reports for your customer? So, here it is: a styling workbench that allows you to style as many reports as you like in one go. Various styles allow you to change colors, fonts etc.

In the Instant Styler, you can even examine your results immediately.

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Preview Reports

Saves you up to 30% of the time needed to preview your latest layout changes.

Qucamba Reports PREVIEW helps the layout designer to get a picture of his latest RDLC changes.
While designing an RDLC layout, Preview instantly renders the layout changes. In combination with the styler, any of the available styles can be instantly applied to a layout while it is being designed.

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Getting Started

Our Quick Start tour helps you getting up and running with Qucamba Reports.

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Video Learning

To get a quick insight on how Qucamba Reports works watch our product videos and find out how easy standard Dynamics NAV RDLC reporting has become.

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Download the current version of Qucamba Reports. For running Qucamba Reports, register on qucamba.com and get your program license.

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Paper Back Book Available

This book shows you how to improve your productivity by using Qucamba Reports.
It starts with the very basics of a Qucamba Reports installation, explains each program area from the beginning and also shows the intermediate reader how the created reports work and how to get more out of it by building or customizing templates.

Paperback: 328 pages, 2nd edition
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1985403358
ISBN-13: 978-1985403352

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