Learn about the Styler

The Styler module is used to style a single report or even hundreds of reports in one go.

Based on years of experience Qucamba created styles for design requirements that have been asked for many times by many customers and for many reports. Think of a customer that tells you that he has a particular font in his corporate design and he asks you to convert all reports to use this font.

Imagine a customer that complains about toner consumption caused by the gray background color that is used in standard conform reports.

The selection of available styles goes even far beyond. For example, you can use styles to change and scale layouts between portrait and landscape, change metrics and even make structural changes to a report like a fully automated implementation of carry overs.

This all can be solved now within minutes.

Style One

Qucamba Reports comes with several styles that can be applied to reports. Together with the Preview module you can even use those styles in the Instant Styler that allows you to see the results of a styling on a particular report instantly in the preview. When purchasing the Styler and the Preview, Instant Styling becomes available automatically.

Or Many

When styling a bunch of reports, Qucamba Reports is capable of automatically loading the reports to style from Dynamics NAV and send them back to Dynamic NAV after applying the specified styles.

Repeatedly. At Any Time. In One Go.

The Styler allows yout to organize your styling operations in a styling board and to save your styling boards for later execution on any number of reports.

The amount of saved time is unquantifiable. Changes that had to be declined in the past become possible today.