Learn about the Creator

The Creator modules consists of various wizards that guide you through the steps of creating complete and standard conform Dynamics NAV Reports. All report wizards are template based. This means that you can customize the factory templates that are shipped along with Qucamba Reports to satisfy your own specific needs.

Simple Lists

You can use the Simple List Report Wizard to very fast create a flat, non-hierarchical list report. The report created will appear like it is expected for a very well-designed, tidy standard Dynamics NAV report.

A simple list report may even include data from other tables.  However, a simple list can't be grouped across multiple tables.

Complex Lists

A report created with the Complex List report Wizard shares the same functionality as the Simple List Report Wizard.

Additionally you'll have

  • the possibility to define as many data items as you can handle
  • a magic wand that automatically links the data items for you and also automatically selects the optimal sorting on each data item in respect to report performance
  • grouping by any field on any data item (as long as it makes any sense)
  • an automatic detection of how many tablixes are needed to represent your report structure and how to organize them in order to correctly group the output.


The Document Report Wizard creates document reports such as quotes, order confirmations, invoices or any kind of master/detail-relation. A document report is layouted in letter style.

Unlike the standard Dynamics NAV document reports, reports created with Qucamba Reports contain patterns to increase the overall performance at runtime as well as patterns to ensure clean and maintenable code.

Of course, Qucamba Reports document reports are consistently capable of switching the output language at runtime.


A label report is used to create labels of any kind. The Label Report Wizard allows you to define the layout of the label paper. If you've already used labels before you propably know that sometimes there are already used labels peeled away from the paper to print on. Qucamba Reports label reports allow the user to exactly specify the row and column at which to start printing from.