How to Repair a Qucamba Reports Installation

When should I choose to repair a Qucamba Reports installation?

Qucamba Reports allows you to customize almost all of the factory templates that are shipped along with the program installation.
Usually, whenever you're going to customize such a template you're advised to create a copy of the factory templates instead of customizing them. However, if you unintentionally changed a template and you've lost some of its content you may want to repair all the template files.
The following steps show you how to accomplish a repair installation.

Executing a Repair Installation

The following steps should be followed to execute a repair installation.

  1. Go to the Windows control panel by holding down the Windows key and additionally pressing the "X" key. From the appearing menu select "Control Panel".
  2. In the control panel locate and click the entry "Uninstall a program". Don't worry, actually we're not going to uninstall the application but to repair it. The procedures for uninstalling and repairing the application are quite similar.
  3. In the list of installed programs look for "Qucamba Reports" and select it. You may accelerate this step by pressing the "Q" key.
  4. In the toolbar above click on "Repair".
  5. Read and propably accept confirmation messages and you're done.

If for any reason the repair by using the Windows control panel doesn't work you may also repair the installation by locating the original Qucamba Reports setup file (.msi) that you used for installing the application. Right click on the file and select "Repair" from the context menu. Alternatively, double click the file and click the "Repair" button.


After this procedure the application should be in the same state as it had been after first installation. However, your user data will usually be kept.